Una lozione energizzante e tonificante per il cuoio capelluto. La sua pregiata formulazione fito-terapeutica agli estratti di piante e fiori officinali di coltivazione biologica combinati alla caffeina, crea un cocktail ideale per stimolare il naturale circolo di sostanze nutritive e benefiche del cuoio capelluto.  Fortifica il bulbo e aiuta a mantenere la cute in ottimo stato, soprattutto nella fase di permuta dei capelli.

Previene inoltre eventuali rossori cutanei, desquamazione e irritazioni.

Mantiene i capelli sani e voluttuosi.

È un ottima abitudine giornaliera.

Si consiglia di applicare alcune gocce sul cuoio capelluto a capelli puliti dopo lo shampoo, massaggiandolo con i polpastrelli con movimenti circolari per qualche secondo.


ml. 150



Energizing and toning lotion for the scalp. Its precious phytotherapeutic formulation with extracts of medicinal plants and flowers of biological cultivation, combined with caffeine, creates an ideal cocktail for stimulating natural circulation of nourishing substances in the scalp. It strengthens the bulb and helps to keep the skin in good conditions, above all during seasonal changings.

Besides, it prevents reddening, skin peeling and irritations.

Hair looks healthy and voluminous.

It is a perfect daily routine.

It is recommended to apply some drops on the scalp after shampooing, massaging in circular movements with fingertips for some seconds.


ml. 150




A pre-drying fixing spray made of natural vegetal extracts. It helps to fix your style before hair drying. It gives definition and structure without weighting down or greasing hair and skin. It helps to keep your hairstyle till next washing. The hair looks healthier.

ml 150




A fixing gel made of biological natural vegetable extracts. It allows to give any style on all kind of hair. It gives shape and structure for long, without greasing. It prevents the growth of follicular caps, keeping the scalp in optimal conditions.

ml. 200



A mat strong styling wax. It gives style, permanence and structure for long without dirtying and greasing. It is easily removable by washing. It leaves no residue. 

ml. 100



A precious oil with many properties and possible applications.

For beard – Velvet oil for absolute softness. It moisturizes the beard, without weighting it down or greasing it. It regenerates beard hair making it soft to touch. Besides, it avoids irritations and dryness of skin. For skin – Precious moisturizing oil for the skin of your face, your neck and all the dehydrated parts of the body. It has an anti-ageing effect, thanks to its fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6 and vitamin E.

the hair, making it soft and silky without weighting it down. It restores split ends and exhausted, dry and frizzy hair, making it bright, easy to comb and improving its appearance day by day. It can be used on both wet and dry hair.

ml. 50



A special intensive treatment to prevent hair loss. It enhances cellular renovation and keratinocytes proliferations. It improves cell viability and fights the growth of free radicals.

Thanks to its specific composition Natural Techno Trichological, made of Tricorex Complex, ginger and caffeine extracts, it is one of the most efficient products for hair loss prevention.

ml. 100



A gentle shampoo rich in active ingredients and vitamins. It cleanses the hair with a moisturizing effect and prevents skin peeling.

Its precious composition of natural and biological substances helps restoring skin and hair day by day. Ideal for sportsmen and for everyday usage.


ml. 1000

ml. 250



A silky cream with many properties and possible applications.

For beard – A silky cream that softens and protects the hairs, it prevents skin peeling and possible reddening. It improves beard styling and removes possible smell, making it clean, strong and neat. 

For skin – A cream that makes the skin smooth, polish and silky. It can be used every day for a lift effect on your face and neck.

For hair – It is a leave-in conditioner that does not need to be rinsed out. It softens the hair without weighting it down. Hair becomes soft and silky.

ml. 100



A scalp cleansing treatment that purifies the skin from toxins and follicular caps. It removes all the impurities gently but thoroughly. It prevents and removes dandruff and cutaneous sebum. It improves hair appearance in case of Hyperhidrosis.

It prepares the skin to receive other treatments.

Its precious composition made of extracts of grapefruit, blueberry, lemon and tomato juice eliminates the bacteria causing impurities and sebaceous secretions. It has a smoothing and anti-ageing effect. It prevents the oxidative formation of free radicals. It can be used also for face cleaning; it eliminates blackheads and pimples, improving the appearance of horny layer.

ml. 150



A soft cleaning soap, a foam for beard and skin hygiene. It was created to remove the impurities from your beard, softening it and preventing skin peeling and reddening of subcutaneous tissue. It can be used as a daily soap before applying specific serums or creams. Thanks to its bam and soothing effect, it is a perfect as a pre and post-shaping cleanser.

ml. 150



A special pre-shaving blend. Thanks to its gel texture, it can be absorbed by the exterior layer of the skin, softening the hair.

Also after its application, it is easy to understand where to shave thanks to its transparency. The shave results perfect, easy and homogenous. Its refined formulation with centella asiatica and aloe creates a perfect synergy to avoid the irritation of superficial capillaries, thus, it is suitable against razor burn. It does not dry during shaving. 

It can be used also to shave the body.

It is recommended to use the gel after having cleansed the skin with warm water and Mr.Wash foam. Apply on the areas to shave using fingertips. Leave for some seconds and then shave.

ml. 150



Moisturizing serum for face and body skin regeneration. Its formulation is the result of high technology and precious essential oils with restoring and regenerating properties. All the ingredients are natural and biological for a specific anti-ageing action.

It is recommended as a post-shaving serum in order not only to soothe the skin after the blade passage, but also to reduce wrinkles, smooth eye contour, lift eyelids and lip contour: it is a real lifting treatment. Thanks to its specific texture, it is ideal to tone body skin too, moisturizing and regenerating it after each shower, thoroughly nourishing the epidermis.


ml. 150