Once upon a time, there was the barber, an institutional pillar of the male world. He was an artisan able to create the perfection in a male look. A real designer of everyday fashion that used to define the absolute wellness of the man with his ancient and traditional rituals, handed down from master to apprentice, day by day, generation after generation. To rediscover these rituals and to celebrate their universal beauty is our project, our mission. It was our passion that gave us the strength to create our brand.  We felt a great emotion during this creation process and our wish is that our partners experience the same emotion during this everyday beauty journey.


Our aim is celebrating and emulating the ancient traditions of the best Barber shops. And who better than us – real multi-awarded barbers at international level – could create an original and refined line that meets the most important but also the simplest needs of the man? We have studied each product with the utmost care and we have tested it thoroughly. We have checked its efficacy both in the short and long term. We have created our products combining Italian artisan culture and the most innovative cosmetic technologies available on the market. Our amazing staff of barbers prepared essential products suitable both for private use and for high-quality professional use.


Nasciamo per celebrare ed affiancare le antiche tradizioni dei più grandi Barber Shop. E chi più di noi autentici barbieri pluripremiati a livello mondiale ed internazionale poteva creare una linea originale e sofisticata attenta alle più importanti ma anche alle più semplici esigenze dell'uomo. Abbiamo studiato ogni singolo prodotto con un’attenzione estrema ai dettagli, l'abbiamo testato con cura per molto tempo. Abbiamo visto la sua efficacia sia immediata che nel lungo periodo, lo abbiamo creato grazie alla cultura artigianale Italiana ma con le più innovative tecnologie cosmetologiche presenti sul mercato. Il nostro fantastico staff di barbieri ha preparato prodotti essenziali ed indispensabili atti a prendersi cura della persona dal singolo cliente a realtà più grandi con qualità ed esperienza. 


The first step of perfection is to know exactly which is the aim of a product and how to apply it in order to obtain an exemplary result.



The aims of our MR.MOUSTACHE line are:

treating the scalp: our products cleanse the scalp thoroughly, detox the skin and stimulate self-healing. They purify the skin, preventing peeling and reddening. They have an anti-aging effect that allows to maintain a compact, moisturized and toned skin.

hydrating the hair: our products make the hair robust, soft and silky, improving its appearance day by day, application after application.

style: our products allow to create a refined and unexpected style. It is essential to have the opportunity to define a look expressing the own individual style and meeting personal needs. For us, hairdos are not just a stronger or less strong fixing effect.

helping the stylist: our products highlight the professionalism and creativity of the hair stylist, making him felt sure of his work at every stage: care, beauty, hairdo. 



Mr. Moustache SRLS
via Bianche, 3 - 36010 Carrè (VI)
Tel.+ 39 0444 1565396

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